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i have a question, do/did any of your reptiles have mites? My gf's iguana started getting mites, my gf says there's three different types he has cuz there's red ones black ones and baby ones, but i think they're all the same kind, just that the red ones have blood in em.... his scales are starting to turn black around his feet and belly... and now the mites are escaping and are getting into her beardies cage and now he has em. How can we get rid of this problem? She claims she's cleaned the tank out, but i don't know... it doesn't look like it has.... should i get a mite spray for them?

Any advice is welcomed.

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hello i am Janis i just got an iguana about 2 weeks ago...he is about a year old and he was given to me by my teacher who couldn't handle him....he is very mean and has bit people before..i was wondering if there is anything i can do to make him like me or if some iguanas are just mean by nature....thank you for your help farewell

a little bit of concern

those points i circled in red i just discovered this morning on my iguana's side. they seem like sores.. i noticed that one of them is losing scales.. i've never had this problem before, i'm a little worried, but before i rush him to the vet does anyone know what these "sores" might be? or what they could've come from.

i'm hoping it's nothing serious.. normally i'd be able to deal with it on my own, but because i've never run into this before, i need some advice.

i hope he'll be ok... damn me... :(
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I'm new here, both to livejournal (I own a journal elsewhere) and to the community. So hi! As of now I own, reptile-wise only, two bearded dragons, one leopard gecko, one mali uromastyx, and one black roughneck monitor, and hopefully in a few years I'll be able to breed. Yep. This is my ever so fancy introduction, but if anyone wants to know me or.. something, just leave a comment. I'm pretty easy to get along with.

I guess I'll take advantage and actually ask people stuff while I'm here posting: Can anyone post pictures of their leopard geckos vivarium(s)? I'm switching my girl to a 20 gallon long tank and redoing her setup. I'm pretty sure I know what I want, but I'm still keeping my eyes open anyway. Thanks in advance!
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i have a curious question....

My iguana Chaos is now free roaming, he hated the large dog cage i bought for him, and mostly hung out on my skink's cage..... now i made an area in my room for him to climb on and such.... and anyhoo..... he has this bad habit of running towards me very excited whenever i return to my room with food (for myself)

Do any of your Iggy's do this or is it just mine?

I have a confession as to why he may do this, and i know all of you are going to kill me when i say this... but I usually give him a bit of what i'm eating and so do my friends... nothing too large like a whole meal type, but just a taste.. even though that's bad... which leads me to another question do any of you do this with your iggy's? Or am i just a really bad iggy mother?

please.... don't... hurt me..... i'm bad i know..... i can't help it.


The iguana that I posted about this past couple days, trying to seek advice for- has a new home!
The guy that adopted him has him scheduled at Benfield Pet Hospital on Wednesday, and said he did NOT think he had reptile mites.
So he will be getting medicine this coming week, and that MUCH needed vet appointment.
The guys that took him are big enthusiasts, and they have a water dragon as well, and seem to be very into their animals, giving them endless attention. Thank you so much for all of your help and comments, I really appreciate it!
I hated giving him up, cause I loved him to death, but I'm too poor and too cramped for time to give him my 100%. But the guy that took him in, is going to call me about his appointment, and let me know how he's doing periodically.
:) Take care!!

Ok, I need LOTS OF HELP!!

My iguana Brak is about 7 months old, and his health is failing lately. I don't know what's going on with him.... for one, his little tiny hands are sorta black, and he has a couple black splotches on his body.. He is still eating and receptive, but i'm wondering what's wrong..
2. he has little black and brown bugs in his tank, and I cleaned it out thoroughly, and even put paper towels down, but they're still in there. Could these be reptile mites? How do I get rid of them?!?! I'm so freaked out, and I don't have money for a costly vet visit- PLEASE ANY HELP YOU COULD OFFER in terms of medical advice, or etc.. feel free to post!
Thank you !!

X posted!

so confused

um... i am very confused.
i got my waterdragon (Bilbo) as a baby 2+ years ago. i have always assumed it was a male... & "he" has some very male features (crests & profile, 'pores' on the legs'). 'he' is very docile & friendly & non-agressive.

recently, white things - eggs??? - have been appearing all over the cage. this has been going on for the past week or so. these 'eggs' are soft-shelled... kind of leathery... and there is yellow goopy stuff inside.

my dragon has never been mated (obviously, b/c i would have matched it up w/ a female). is this something that happens at maturation? do reptiles normally lay unfertilized eggs?

or do i just have a confused lizard?
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A snake called Clump

I have a spotted python named "Clump" who is about 20" long and very tame. He was an $80 snake and was purchased from a good dealer in Chicago - I have had him for about a year and bought him when he was a baby.
I can't keep him longer because I have a cat who has recently decided to torment the dude by sitting on his tank all the time, and also I don't give him enough attention since I got my new job and I'll be going back to U of I in the fall.
If anyone's interested, I can provide the snake, tank, and two heaters for $100. The tank is a 20 gallon (I think) and includes a water bowl, hiding rock, and some bedding so you wouldn't have to buy anything else for a while. He only eats two baby mice every other week... ends up being about $2 every 2 weeks.

I know this post is sorta random but I needed a way to get this out there to people in the area without turning to the local classifieds. I thought this would up my chances of finding someone with some reptile knowledge. Hopefully someone wants him! :)

I can deliver to or meet up with anyone not too far from the Urbana, Illinois area.

Contact me at:
My journal - Baybeeyota
Email - ecmiller627@mchsi.com
or IM - Violetrace00000

I'd be happy to provide more info or pictures for anyone genuinely interested.

I /can't/ receive emails to tell me about comments in this community so if you only hit "respond" and try to contact me that way I most likely won't get the message.