July 14th, 2005

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Hey, I just joined the community. It was one of the few I thought might be able to help me with a small problem that I have come across.

My mother goes walking every day. This morning, she came across a turtle no bigger than a half dollar just sitting on the sidewalk. She took it in and at the moment we have it in a large cooking bowl with a few rocks, a few centimeters of water and a few pieces of grass. Hopefully, we are able to keep it (as we have 2 cats and a few guinea pigs in the house already).

My first question is if there is any possibility someone can tell me what sort of turtle this is:
His name is Sticky...+3Collapse )

Any help would be appreciated. What sort of turtle this may be, what sort of food we may be able to give him, etc. He seems healthy and fairly active, and I want to make sure he can be kept that way for a long while. Thanks!
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