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reptiles inc.

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[12 Apr 2005|01:17am]
Hi, I've been hanging around the community for a while, but haven't really had any questions to ask until now. This afternoon my iguana's heat lamp's bulb blew and I need to know which is the best kind of bulb I should replace it with. I just got my iguana, Sparky, in December and I'd been using the same bulb that the previous owners had just put in the lamp. The bulb says "Exoterra Sun Glo" on it, but I'm not sure if I should replace it with the same type, or if there is a better one I should go with. Any suggestions?

Also, the previous owners had a little boy who was a bit rough with Sparky, (which is why he was given to me) and he took him off of wherever he had been sitting too quickly when he would pick him up, and it ripped off several of his claws, and now all there is on some toes are just nubs on the end with no nail or any kind of base a nail would grow in at. I'm just curious to know if his claws would ever grow back? (By the way, the little boy meant no harm to him, he really did love Sparky, he just didn't know how to handle a pet, especially an iguana.)

pictures of SparkyCollapse )

Thanks in advance for any advice! :D

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