November 5th, 2003

Mealworms Vs. Crickets

[Cross-posted in pet_lovers]

My boyfriend, cambotoriley, has a 12 week old Lizard named Berzerker. He's a Bearded Dragon.

We have been feeding him baby crickets, about 24 of them at a time, 3-4 times per week. Monday, though, the petstore was out so we had to feed him mealworms. He didn't poop a lot after that, and last night the baby crickets we fed him were a little bigger than before. There was one in the bag that looked adult, I took him out. Still, though, when is old enough for a Beardie to start eating bigger Crickets? I know that if they have them too big, too young, that they can die.

Also - he seems to be a little finicky still with being held. My boyfriend thinks Berzerker just doesn't like him, but last night he fell asleep on his shoulder. Is that a good sign that he's liked? Let me know.