July 23rd, 2003

Dream Frog Queen

Hiya from Dream and Buddha

Hiya, I am Dreamsinger, and my green friend is Buddha. He is four years old this month, and has been a member of our family since August of 1999 after being abused by his owner and brought to me by the owner's girlfriend. Buddha was just a wee hatchling at the time.

There is a picture of Buddha on my journal, but I will post one here this afternoon. I'm so glad I found this community. Thank you eve_dallas

I was reading a few entries back and saw that one re lost iggies. lol They can get into some strange places. Buddha's favorite hiding place is in the springs of my old iron bed. However one day my daughter and I couldn't find him anywhere, we looked high and low...no Buddha. I turned around and just happened to note a movement in my peripheral vision, and there he was...sitting on the seat of her bike. lol The cruisin iggy *smile*
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