June 18th, 2003


My pride and joy is lost in the messiest house you've ever seen. I went to bed at 2 leaving my iguana free in my room for the night to see what would happen. I woke up at 5 to find a fatass orange cat purring next to me. Everyone swore they didn't open my bedroom door and let the cat in. One of my mom's friends asked to borrow the fat orange cat to catch a rodent in their house and the cat sat on his big lazy butt. He doesn't really go after live things, so that isn't my biggest concern. I do have a curious little kitten though. I have faith Jared would whip her in the face and run away though. I can't find this thing anywhere. All the doors in the house were open. He could be anywhere!! The basement, the workshop, anywhere!! Has this ever happened to anyone else? Where are good places to look? If I wait, will he come out of hiding? Has he Rock'N Rolled for the last time? ='-( I thought I would be able to hear little scuffles, but I'm having no luck...maybe he's curled up in a corner safe and sound, napping after such a big adventure. :-/ He's far too small to be out on his own. Please help!
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Found. 7:58 AM. That's 2 hours and 46 minutes I never want to go through again. What a silly goose...laying under my bed like that! =P Now that I've found him, I still wouldn't mind hearing other stories of lost iggies. :-/
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