March 21st, 2003


my waterdragon needs a new home...

i've had my waterdragon for a little over a year. he's outgrown his current habitat, & i was wondering if anyone can hook me up w/ a used aquarium / terrarium or tell me where i can get a good deal on one.

the dimensions i am looking for are roughly:
5' long, 2' wide, 3' high.


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Hello. I joined this community awhile ago. I had looked for an iguana community a long time ago but never found one. I was happy when I saw this one in community promo :)

I got my iguana Skittle when I was 13, and now I'm 20. She was just a tiny 11 inches when I first got her and now I think she's about 4 feet long. I wouldn't say she is extremely tame, but not unfriendly. Certain things like being held makes her nervous sometimes untill she calms down. I clip her nails but they are still sharp. So when I hold her it's usually with my bath robe on. hehe Now that she is larger it's hard to handel her as much and have her out of the cage because she requires a very close eye to be kept on her. She likes to jump on shelves(that's understandable with their nature to feel secure in high places).
I find that iguanas take to certain people. My dad was the one who fed her and gave her attention for awhile, and then when I would go in her cage she would open her jaw at me. But now she has gone back to taking to me now that I spend more time with her again and am the main one feeding her.

A lot of times when I walk in the cage and talk to her or pet her she closes her eyes and will just stay like that for a really long time. Does anyone else's iguana do this?

When Skittle was just a young one she was in a 50 gallon tank. Then my dad built her a large cage. She then outgrew that. Her "cage" is now half of my computer room. My dad built a wall from the top of the ceiling to the bottom, with a door in it. So she gets a good amount of room... but she isn't always all that active. I would like to get something like those big cat climbers so she could crawl all over it. I think she would just love that... but they are pretty expensive.

I think that Skittle might prefere eating from my hand because it's easier for her to grab the food. How much does everyone's iguana eat? And what things do you feed your iguana?

I'll have to post some pictures of my big girl in the future :)