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Hi, I've been hanging around the community for a while, but haven't really had any questions to ask until now. This afternoon my iguana's heat lamp's bulb blew and I need to know which is the best kind of bulb I should replace it with. I just got my iguana, Sparky, in December and I'd been using the same bulb that the previous owners had just put in the lamp. The bulb says "Exoterra Sun Glo" on it, but I'm not sure if I should replace it with the same type, or if there is a better one I should go with. Any suggestions?

Also, the previous owners had a little boy who was a bit rough with Sparky, (which is why he was given to me) and he took him off of wherever he had been sitting too quickly when he would pick him up, and it ripped off several of his claws, and now all there is on some toes are just nubs on the end with no nail or any kind of base a nail would grow in at. I'm just curious to know if his claws would ever grow back? (By the way, the little boy meant no harm to him, he really did love Sparky, he just didn't know how to handle a pet, especially an iguana.)

To show how much my little Sparky warky has grown since I got him, before and after pictures:

(Taken the week I got him in mid to late December): *His tail had broken off before he was given to me*
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

(Mid-March, 2005): The spots on his skin in the picture are where he had been shedding the week before and the little bits hadn't all fallen off yet...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

(March 24th, 2005):
Image hosted by

The habitat he was in at the time of the pictures was only a temporary home for him, he now has a nice new custom-built 5 foot cage :)

..oh and the heat rock is only for looks, I don't plug it in.

Thanks in advance for any advice! :D

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*steps up on soapbox*

Iguanas are not really suitable for young children. There is some chance they could carry salmonella.

*steps down*

I don't know if those grow back. I do know tail tips do (long story). Treat it gently, feed it a diet high in calcium and low in potassium and make sure it gets some sunlight. That's what helps it process it's food.

I've had my iguana for about four years now. She was already half grown when she came to me and is about six feet long now. Since I don't have any carpets down for her to get her toes tangled in, she pretty much has the run of the house.
I knew they weren't suitable for children, but he was their pet long before they even met me, so there really wasn't anything I could've done. But he's definitely being taken good care of now :)
I had one that had to have part of her toe amputated right before I got her and her toe nail never grew back. It didn't bother her though.
i've had my iguana for about 5 years now
he's lost a few claws to window screens, and unfortunately they haven't grown back.
it's kind of a pain in the ass for him, because he needs those to climb and torture me with, but he finds ways to get around it.