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a little bit of concern

those points i circled in red i just discovered this morning on my iguana's side. they seem like sores.. i noticed that one of them is losing scales.. i've never had this problem before, i'm a little worried, but before i rush him to the vet does anyone know what these "sores" might be? or what they could've come from.

i'm hoping it's nothing serious.. normally i'd be able to deal with it on my own, but because i've never run into this before, i need some advice.

i hope he'll be ok... damn me... :(
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Hmm.. Could be an infection. I'd take him to the vet, personally.
If it's losing scales, it needs to see a vet.
It looks like the marks my iguana developed when she had a bacterial infection... Definately worth a trip to the vet. Good luck.
thanks. this was posted quite a while ago, so since then, he's been to the vet and has been treated and is currently doing wonderfully. ^^

take care!