Inspect My Gadget (blisslyke) wrote in iguanarama,
Inspect My Gadget


The iguana that I posted about this past couple days, trying to seek advice for- has a new home!
The guy that adopted him has him scheduled at Benfield Pet Hospital on Wednesday, and said he did NOT think he had reptile mites.
So he will be getting medicine this coming week, and that MUCH needed vet appointment.
The guys that took him are big enthusiasts, and they have a water dragon as well, and seem to be very into their animals, giving them endless attention. Thank you so much for all of your help and comments, I really appreciate it!
I hated giving him up, cause I loved him to death, but I'm too poor and too cramped for time to give him my 100%. But the guy that took him in, is going to call me about his appointment, and let me know how he's doing periodically.
:) Take care!!
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