Inspect My Gadget (blisslyke) wrote in iguanarama,
Inspect My Gadget

Ok, I need LOTS OF HELP!!

My iguana Brak is about 7 months old, and his health is failing lately. I don't know what's going on with him.... for one, his little tiny hands are sorta black, and he has a couple black splotches on his body.. He is still eating and receptive, but i'm wondering what's wrong..
2. he has little black and brown bugs in his tank, and I cleaned it out thoroughly, and even put paper towels down, but they're still in there. Could these be reptile mites? How do I get rid of them?!?! I'm so freaked out, and I don't have money for a costly vet visit- PLEASE ANY HELP YOU COULD OFFER in terms of medical advice, or etc.. feel free to post!
Thank you !!

X posted!
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