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A snake called Clump

I have a spotted python named "Clump" who is about 20" long and very tame. He was an $80 snake and was purchased from a good dealer in Chicago - I have had him for about a year and bought him when he was a baby.
I can't keep him longer because I have a cat who has recently decided to torment the dude by sitting on his tank all the time, and also I don't give him enough attention since I got my new job and I'll be going back to U of I in the fall.
If anyone's interested, I can provide the snake, tank, and two heaters for $100. The tank is a 20 gallon (I think) and includes a water bowl, hiding rock, and some bedding so you wouldn't have to buy anything else for a while. He only eats two baby mice every other week... ends up being about $2 every 2 weeks.

I know this post is sorta random but I needed a way to get this out there to people in the area without turning to the local classifieds. I thought this would up my chances of finding someone with some reptile knowledge. Hopefully someone wants him! :)

I can deliver to or meet up with anyone not too far from the Urbana, Illinois area.

Contact me at:
My journal - Baybeeyota
Email -
or IM - Violetrace00000

I'd be happy to provide more info or pictures for anyone genuinely interested.

I /can't/ receive emails to tell me about comments in this community so if you only hit "respond" and try to contact me that way I most likely won't get the message.
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