Ok, what kind of lizard is this?

Ok, what kind of lizard is this?

I wanna say it is an Iguana, but it isn't! They're very similar, however. Some iguanas have prickley spines on their backs, but they aren't as hard as that "fin". I also looked up spiny lizards, but I cannot find anything resembling this one.

I don't think it is a dinosaur. Then again, I know nothing of lizards.

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So NEVER EVER let your iguana climb under your sweater between that and your shirt. MINE TOOK A CRAP! it is still a baby.. like 10 months old... yeah DISGUSTING. i had to rip my sweater and shirt because it was everywhere all over my pants too... so gross. I alomst threw up. atleast my big one is trained.. i need to trainthis one to go to the bathroom in only water now.

Columbian/Red Tail Boa

Hi everyone!

I live in Northern IN and am trying to find a home for my Red Tail. I don't want to ship him though. He was a rescue and I don't have the means to care for him properly. He's squashed into an enclosure that's way too small and due to a lack of time and his previous owner he hasn't been handeled in over 6 months. Needless to say he's a little agressive now. However, with some loving and devoted attention he could be a great snake. If your interested I can be reached at, put MEMNOCK in the subject line so I know it's about the snake, or post a reply here w/ your contact info.
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I'll be getting my own place in a month, and I'm thinking I'll need some company of the reptilian variety since I'm to be allergic to everything with hair (fish are boring, birds are too noisy). I met a girl with an iguana last spring and was completely enamoured with him. Iguanas seem to be pretty expensive to take care of (and HUGE), so I was wondering what the best type of lizard would be for someone starting out in reptile care. I'll be living in a 1 bedroom apartment, so I can't really build any huge 4 foot enclosures for a large reptile.

Useful info

Being a vegetarian, and living with a 4 foot long iguana means my fridge is full of greens. Unfortunately some of them go bad rather quick.

I mentioned this to my mother today and she told me that if you fill the sink (or a pot or basin.. whatever you wish) with cold water and white vinegar, and put the greens in there for a while, they will get their fresh crisp-ness back.

Interesting. I did not know this. Thought I would share this with everyone.

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Hey, I just joined the community. It was one of the few I thought might be able to help me with a small problem that I have come across.

My mother goes walking every day. This morning, she came across a turtle no bigger than a half dollar just sitting on the sidewalk. She took it in and at the moment we have it in a large cooking bowl with a few rocks, a few centimeters of water and a few pieces of grass. Hopefully, we are able to keep it (as we have 2 cats and a few guinea pigs in the house already).

My first question is if there is any possibility someone can tell me what sort of turtle this is:
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Any help would be appreciated. What sort of turtle this may be, what sort of food we may be able to give him, etc. He seems healthy and fairly active, and I want to make sure he can be kept that way for a long while. Thanks!
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Somethings wrong with my turtle, Earl. :(

His shell is extremely soft and when you put slight pressure on the edges it looks like they(the edges) are going to break off, but in a perfect circle around his shell.

His shell is also kind of discolored.

Any ideas?
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Hi, I've been hanging around the community for a while, but haven't really had any questions to ask until now. This afternoon my iguana's heat lamp's bulb blew and I need to know which is the best kind of bulb I should replace it with. I just got my iguana, Sparky, in December and I'd been using the same bulb that the previous owners had just put in the lamp. The bulb says "Exoterra Sun Glo" on it, but I'm not sure if I should replace it with the same type, or if there is a better one I should go with. Any suggestions?

Also, the previous owners had a little boy who was a bit rough with Sparky, (which is why he was given to me) and he took him off of wherever he had been sitting too quickly when he would pick him up, and it ripped off several of his claws, and now all there is on some toes are just nubs on the end with no nail or any kind of base a nail would grow in at. I'm just curious to know if his claws would ever grow back? (By the way, the little boy meant no harm to him, he really did love Sparky, he just didn't know how to handle a pet, especially an iguana.)

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Thanks in advance for any advice! :D

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